Everything is Energy

Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at various frequencies. Notable scientists such as Tesla and Einstein have stated this fact. All work requires energy to produce a product or service. Energy is vital in everything we do. Unfortunately, our society pays little attention to energetic practices that can help us harness our inherent energy within and around us for better health and performance. In the professional world, work is demanding and depletes our energy through pressure, stress and long hours. It is essential for long-term high performance that one takes care of themselves. In other words, be of service to self in order to be of service to others.

Areas of Expertise in Energetic Practices

With over ten years of martial arts experience and over seven years of Chinese energetic medicine experience, expertise has been developed in the following categories:

  • Energetic anatomy
  • Meditation with specific purposes
  • Chinese medical qigong
  • Qigong breathing exercises
  • Manifesting outcomes
  • Addressing fatigue and energy optimization

Energetic Services

Workshops can be arranged for small management teams to larger groups of your staff members. The workshop is designed to provide an introduction to energetic practices including:

  • An explanation of human energetic anatomy
  • Establishing a proper environment for energetic practices
  • Qigong exercises for healing and maintaining health
  • Meditations for specific purposes such as transformative self-improvement and increasing intuitive perceptions

Workshops are customized for each organization’s unique needs. After an initial consultation, a flat-fee workshop agreement will be provided.

This option varies depending on each unique situation. It can range from individual one-on-one work to small teams to ongoing periodic group sessions. In addition to any of the components listed under the workshop, individual energy sessions are available. These sessions are based on Chinese Medical Qigong and can be applied for the purposes of healing, transformation and energy optimization. Each scenario is highly unique and the best approach from a flat fee project or ongoing consulting arrangement will be determined after an initial consultation.

Presentations related to energetic practices are available for either in-person or online events. Every speaking engagement is considered unique. Your custom needs will be discussed via phone call or online meeting.

Qigong Energy Workshops

Testimonial Interview

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Additional Information

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Decades ago, bringing up the topic of energetic practices relating to the workforce was unheard of. However today, there has been a conscious shift to be more open-minded in what affects human potential and performance. Energy work is a great compliment to leadership development. The executive leadership services provided by us can be augmented with any of the energetic practices described above. Reference information is provided below for you to explore validating the importance of incorporating energetic practices into your own life and the life of your team.

Reference Information

Billionaire Ray Dalio credits meditation as a major component of his success:

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