A Modern Approach to Brand Development

Brands are discovered and perpetuated in many different ways today. It is completely different than how it took place in the 20th century. Unfortunately, many brands are still developed using traditional, antiquated methods. Digital discovery and experiences are an afterthought. Our approach is all encompassing but digital first. This sets the stage for your brand to provide relevant and expected experiences with tech savvy digital natives that are now active consumers. However, everything starts with purpose and we will guide you through the entire process of developing and reinforcing your brand, internally to your employees and externally to the marketplace.

Areas of Brand Development Expertise
The components below are essential for developing a solid brand platform. The effort required is scalable based on the stage of organizational brand development, whether it is a new brand or an established brand needing a brand refresh.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Culture & Identity
  • Brand Reinforcement

Brand Services

This option is for new organizations needing to develop their brand or established companies needing a brand refresh. The effort is scalable based on needs and budget. The consulting engagement will be estimated based on a scope of work required by the project. A flat fee scope of work with clear goals, objectives, requirements, deliverables and additional expectations will be provided.

This option is for organizations that need ongoing assistance in brand development, refinement or management. The consulting engagement has set parameters in regards to the number of hours per month provided for a designated period of time. The minimum engagement is ninety days. Standard options include:

  • 12 hours per month
  • 20 hours per month
  • 32 hours per month

  • Duration of 3 months
  • Duration of 6 months
  • Duration of 12 months

Presentations related to branding are available for either in-person or online events. Every speaking engagement is considered unique. Your custom needs will be discussed via phone call or online meeting.

Brand Platform


If you’re ready for any type of the engagements described above, please inquire by completing our inquiry form.

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“Craig [C-Squared Professional Consulting] is a great resource for targeting complex business and marketing issues and initiatives. We have used Craig several times and he has a way of breaking through the problem or opportunity, establishing a strategic direction, and defining a road map to achieve success. I would highly recommend Craig to other executives that seek innovative and well thought out digital, marketing and business practice solutions.”

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Eric Morley

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