Does Qigong Have a Place in Professional Work Life?

Mindfullness and other forms of meditation are becoming increasingly popular, Yoga is a method of incorporating physical exercise with mindfulness. A modality that I practice and generated massive benefits is qigong. It has enhanced my life personally and professionally. Does qigong have a place in professional work life? I say yes, it does.

What is Qigong?

First, let me briefly explain what qigong is. Qigong is a form of exercise that involves movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to promote physical and mental well-being. It integrates the body, mind and breath through exercise and meditation. It works with our energetic anatomy to clear out blockages and stagnation and to optimize the flow of energy.

What are Some of the Benefits of Qigong?

Qigong can be practiced in a variety of settings, including at work, and has been shown to have numerous benefits for individuals in professional settings. Some of the benefits of practicing qigong in the workplace include:

  1. Reduced stress: Qigong helps to reduce stress and improve relaxation, which can be beneficial for individuals who work in high-stress environments
  2. Improved focus and concentration: Qigong helps to improve focus and concentration, which can be beneficial for individuals who need to be able to think clearly and make quick decisions in their professional lives
  3. Enhanced physical well-being: Qigong can improve physical health and well-being, which can lead to increased productivity and overall well-being in the workplace
  4. Improved team cohesion: Qigong can help to improve team cohesion by providing a shared activity that allows individuals to bond and work together more effectively

My recommendation

Overall, qigong can be a beneficial addition to professional work life, helping individuals to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and enhance overall well-being. It was an absolute game changer for me as a professional executive. As CEO of a digital marketing agency, I had a multitude of pressure points and stress from managing teams, dealing with clients and working through all kinds of challenges. Qigong helped me to feel balanced and centered. Although the stress and pressures continued to arrive at my door step, I was much better equipped to deal with these challenges. I strongly recommend exploring this modality or something similar for yourself and your team. For additional information, see my page on qigong and energetic practices.

Published On: January 3rd, 2023 / Categories: Energetic Practices, Leadership /

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