Defining your brand needs to be thought of as an investment in your company. Whether it is a new brand or a brand refresh, the work effort and associated budget can vary greatly. Every situation is unique but there are a number of brand components that should be fully defined within two major categories, the verbal expression and the visual expression of the brand. For example, if you have a mission statement, a logo, a color palette and typography defined, that is a great start but it’s not adequate. To ensure a consistent brand experience for your customers, vendors and internal stakeholders, a more comprehensive approach is needed.

C-Squared Professional Consulting can guide you in defining your brand platform. Together, we will take a modern, digital first approach and determine how far to take it as well as the best path in executing the work. An additional benefit to investing in this process is aligning your internal team members in accordance with a defined brand culture. This leads to increased alignment between internal and external perceptions of your brand leading to greater brand equity as your organization grows. Learn more about our brand development services.